Secular Nite Glint – When body turns sculpture (excerpt)


The outcome: cosmic images of light and shadow, bodies in a diffused space, time and transience. Fragments of a short moment. Contrasting pairs such as the visible and the invisible, the said and the taboo, infuse the openly set scenes.


bayerlovsky creates with the awareness that the viewer must be obliged to conquer the virtual, intellectual space that reflects the reality in which he himself prepared and shot the photos, and in which his models acted.


All of these elements grace each individual photo with a truly aesthetic atmosphere – the mimesis of a focussed, partly contemplative moment. A moment free of activity or rest.

The atmosphere is completed via the visual interpretation: a blurriness in the depth of field and the position of the camera allow the bodies to act in a now mystical space. The interplay between closeness and distance is modeled into focus.


In bayerlovsky’s work, the bodies fuse with the space they are in. The side of the body not facing the light dissolves into the darkness of the space so that no clear boundary between the two can be determined.


The camera and the use of directed light are tools used to diffuse the osmotic exchange of the industry loft/working space and the active or resting body. A reality of its own is created.


The setting of the actual event ceases to be the setting of the work. The body alone becomes the true setting.


Claus Friede*Contemporary Art / Prof. Claus Friede